Friday, April 5, 2013

For Seour Bracken's (almost) nine month mark she gets......a daughter!

Hey everyone! 
So really, we don't have any time today, so unfortunately, this will be very quick.  First, lesser news, Soeur Thibault and I went and saw Swan Lake!  It was so cool!  The Ballerinas were beautiful.  There's a small chance we both started drifting off during the second act, though... :)  But really, it was awesome!  Now more importantly, we totally had an Easter Miracle yesterday!  How many amies did we have at church? 1...2...3...4....5!  Wilna came to church, and is progressing well.  Every other week, Dany and Vivec come to church (they are 10 and 6.  We are teaching their Mom and them), and finally... KHADIA came to church!  And she brought her sons, Sulliman and Wassi, ages 14 and 8.  It was so cool!  Khadia really felt the spirit, and loved it, and her sons liked it as well.  Cacharelle, a 24 year old amie, also came to a YSA activity last night.  We felt so blessed. 

And now for the other big news, yes, transfers are coming up, and both Soeur Thibault and I are training!!!  We are both so bummed to be splitting up, and of course she is so sad to be leaving Nogent (it takes me back to my Quimper days... I STILL miss that place), but I know she's going to do a great job whitewashing in Strombeek (in Belgium), and I will be training here in Nogent, which means I'll probably be here for another 3 months.  There are SO many sisters coming in, it's crazy.  There are 13 sisters training this transfer, and we assume the rest will train next.  When the assistants called, they told us they'd fasted and prayed, and thought we both should train, and in our heads, we said, "More like, you feel like we should train now, as opposed to in 6 weeks."  But really, we are both excited!  Sorry I don't have time to explain anything else, but I hope everyone had a wonderful easter, and have a wonderful Conference!
          Much love,
      Soeur Bracken

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