Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clothes and Squirrels

A week after Lexi arrived in the MTC she wrote to say she must have been the only Sister missionary who did not get the memo that 6-8 outfits really meant 10-12. Hence, would I please buy her more clothes?
(Sigh. A mothers work is never done. :) )  Tacy, Julie, Stephanie and I met up at Fashion Place Mall to do what we could. Not to be boastful...but we are excellent shoppers with excellent taste. Two days later Lexi recieved a mini-Christmas of sorts with some new clothes. She seems pleased.
In practicing her French, Lexi was ask by a fellow Elder, "What are you doing?" Her response (or so she thought) was "I am going to the park to feed the squirrels". The Elder exclaimed "What?". What she had actually said was " I am going to the park to eat squirrels".
Two more weeks and Lexi leaves for France. We think around the 10th of Sept.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Elders...

There are seven Elders in Lexi's MTC district.  Elder Lopez is from Orem. Elder Smith from Provo. Elder Ritchie hails from Michigan. Elders Fronk and Lanning from California. Elder Mortenson from Oregon and Elder Brinkman from Riverton. Lexi has bonded with these guys the last 5 weeks over a variety of things.....mostly laughing. However, there is also common interests in skiing/snowboarding, Brian Regan, a love of going to the Dentist office, lima beans, peas, and spinach. Most of them are going to Africa to serve. Lexi is happy as many of them will be going to BYU when they they hope to run into each other again in the future.
Sister Jensen is on the mend, thankfully. Also, Lexi has come to the conclusion that as long as she can say 'toilette' and 'baguette' she will be fine in France.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

One month down.....

It is Lexi's hump day in the MTC. My how the time flies when you're having fun. A month or so from today, Lexi will jump on a airplane and head off to France. From her e-mails, I have a hunch she will have her bags packed, passport in hand and be standing at the front of the line. She might miss the food @ the MTC, the missionaries in her district, her french teacher @ the MTC, and the mountains of Provo.....maybe not much else. Speaking of Provo. Lexi finds it odd to be "in Provo"....but not really "in Provo". Poor thing. Speaking of jumping on airplanes...cousin Reece who has been in the MTC with Lexi heads out for Mexico Monday morning. Good Luck Reece. Lexi has loved being there with you. We love you too.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

#2 Ashamed or Proud?

Lexi is in a threesome. Soeur(Sister) Jensen has had a tough time. In fact she developed an upper respiratory infection which is now pneumonia. Lexi and Soeur Mataalii took Soeur Jensen to the Doctor. They went with a group of Elders. When they enter the Dr's waiting room the Olympics were on the TV. In Lexi's words
"One of the more pure Elders stated he was torn between not watching TV or watching the Olympics. I promptly replied, "I don't know about you, but I'm sitting in a waiting room, my companion is sick and the Olympics are on. I'm watching the Olympics."
Lexi mentioned she still wasn't sure if she should be ashamed or proud.
However their favorite line while watching the Olympics, "The cyclists are down to their last 25 miles".
Lexi loves the food. And, loves the gym time. However with Soeur Jensen sick...they have been rotating so someone is with her.
Lexi has become great friends with Soeurs Miller and Stapley (from Texas and Smithfield respectively). They found out there are only 10 sisters missionaries in the France-Paris mission. They are excited as they know they will be likely be serving with each other in the coming months.

Two recaps #1

The MTC is crazy. Lexi sometimes thinks she is going to bolt and run for her life...but it is getting much better. "Definitely the first week is the hardest."
The missionaries going to France must make a side trip to San Fransico to the French Consulate. They have made that jaunt. Both flights were delayed, but all worked fine in the end.
And Lexi wished me luck cleaning her it turned out...I needed much more than luck. She is a pack rat. Wonder how that's going to work when it's time to come home from France.