Monday, January 28, 2013

Soeur Thibault and Soeur Bracken- Adventuretime

Soeur Bracken has a new address!

 Soeur Lexi Bracken
Les Missionaires                                                                              
33 Maximillien Robespierre
94120 Fontenay Sous Bois
 Paris, France

Sorry everyone, I don't really have time to write, but I just wanted to say bonjour, and that Nogent is awesome!  There's about 130 people in our ward, and yes, the cultures are very diverse.  Our area is not super large (ok, compared to Quimper), but because we have to use the metro, it takes us a while to get places.  I actually MISS driving the car.  This weekend, Soeur Thibault and I have the awesome priviledge of helping with a france-wide mission prep course.  Youth who are in the mission prep class (which they usually do online) will be coming from all over France for a one day giant class.  We get to help, we're so excited!  And Soeur Calves, the sister who served her mini mission with Soeur Creager and I, will be there!  She emailed me this week to tell me she got to call to St. George!  How great is that?!  Soeur Thibault and I have adventures everyday, which we love.  Whenever something crazy happens, we just laugh and say "Well, here's another adventure!"  We're trying to find more people to teach, and work with the Ward especially.  Here is a scripture for each of you to look up and ponder (everyone in our mission is doing it!)- Ether 3:5.  Enjoy and feast upon the words of Christ!
                 Je suis trés contente a être ici en France, je l'aime!
               Avec amour,
                Soeur Bracken


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