Monday, January 7, 2013

The Renne of the Epiphane

Dearest all,
Bonjour!  I hope the New Year is going well for everyone.  Here in Quimper life is quiet, as usual.  The other day, at about 8 o'clock pm, Soeur Alves and I walked by a 'burlesque'-ish store, only to find it had closed for the evening, and I (in french) said something to the effect of, "Even the houses of wickedness close early in Quimper!"  By 8 o'clock here, the entire town is always dead.  Even the bars that we live above aren't very loud.  Sometime it's hard as missionaries, but I don't think I'd mind living here. 
   So yes, we've had to drop a lot of our contacts, but we have some miracles still occuring!  One of which is a man named Rachid, who was a referral from the church, who just moved to Quimper (we're hoping he has a family), and who is interested in the church.  We were finally able to contact him on Friday, and hopefully we'll be able to set up a Rendez-vous this week.  Our other miracle occured last night, when we went to go visit the Fauchi Family.  Audrey, one of the daughters came to church last week, but wasn't there yesterday, so we decided to stop by, only to discover that Soeur Fauchi's non-member sister was also there!  She lives in our area, about 45 minutes away.  We were able to have a lesson, and then Soeur Fauchi asked her sister if she'd like us to return, and her sister said, 'yeah, that'd be great!', so we'll be meeting with here tomorrow!  She has a daughter who is 16.  Both of these have been great miracles, especially with Soeur Alves being sick this week.  We'll find out on Saturday if where I'll be going (we figure it will probably be me that has to pack my bags, since this is Soeur Alves's first transfer here, and she only has one left, although never say never...).  I told Président Poznanski that I know he is inspired, but IF he decides to put sisters in Strasbourg, I am available. On verra.  I was thinking the other day about how the Lord is really the only constant thing on the mission (and in life).  Everything changes, but He remains constant and sure, and He is ALWAYS THERE for us.  It really is beautiful. 
In France they celebrate Epiphanie.  They buy a galette (like a pastry/pie), that has a little object hidden in it.  Whoever gets the piece with the object is the king/ Queen.  I'm happy to inform you that for my very first Galette, I WAS THE QUEEN!  I was ever so happy.
                                         Passé une bonne semaine!
                                           Soeur Bracken

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