Monday, February 25, 2013

March Can't Come Soon Enough

Dear everyone,
This has been a COLD week!  I've heard the snow in Utah is massive, but I'll let you know, it's still pretty cold over here, even though we've only gotten about 4 inches of snow.  We are praying that it starts to warm up a little bit.  Here is an awesome miracle we had this week- The elders in Paris had contacted a lady a few weeks ago, and given us her information, because she lives in our area.  We had tried to contact her, but to no avail.  Then, randomly, on Wednesday, we got a text from her, apologizing for missing our calls.  Of course, we called her up tout de suite, and set up a RDV for that afternoon.  Her name is Christine, and she is from the Philippines!  She's super sweet and nice (and not to mention she prefers to speak english), and is open to learning a lot.  Our main concern is that she seems really open to learing, but not necessarily changing.  But we know that the spirit can touch her and change her mind.  This has also been the first week of Soeur Thibault's and my second transfer together.  We're both still doing great.  Both of us have a sister/sister in law that is having a baby in June, and both of us are still waiting to hear if we're having nieces or nephews (hint, hint, mom).  Soeur Thibault bought a cookbook today full of nutella recipes, so of course, the next logical step will be to start buying clothes that are 3 sizes bigger than what we wear now... 
  I was very blessed in the mail this week, by receiving a super great letter/picture from April, and the world's cutest/longest letter from Craig's mom (you're the best Sis. Hebbert!).  If anyone is looking for a reason to write me, I will inform you that my birthday is coming up in just a little bit (*cough cough* 12 days). 
  Dearest mom, I started laughing when you told me about The Beadle's grandson!  I will tell you why I laughed.  Last night, Soeur Thibault was talking on the phone with one of my favorite missionaries/District Leader, Elder Beckstrand.  He is training this transfer (*please see quote from last week about the eternal missionary salvation hanging on his shoulders).  Last night, I asked Soeur Thibault to ask Elder Beckstrand what his bleu's name was.  Lo and behold... Elder Stoker from Roy, Utah.  I couldn't help but smiling when I learned his grandparents were (are they still?) in my homeward.  PS, he and Elder Beckstrand are having a baptism this week!  We'll be there!
   Also, random side note, I've come to really love pigeons over here.  I love seeing them all over the place.  Also, one again, my boots have started leaking, so my feet are once again all wet.  I'm super ticked about that.  But aside from that, the work is going well.  We keep finding new potential investigators, and see miracles everyday.  The Lord is with us! 
 Love you all!  Don't forget, Dr. Seuss's birthday is on Saturday!
        Soeur Bracken


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