Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Soeur Thibault and Soeur Bracken Part Duex

Buenos Dias!
The sun finally came out this week, so life is feeling pretty great right about now.  This past week has been awesome.  On Wednesday, Soeur Thibault and I had our awesome combined-with-Lyon-Mission, nothing-but-finding day of contacting.  We were able to fix 3 RDV and a few other families told us we could come back another time.  We're very excited!  We were also blessed with someone that the elders found for us.  We felt very unified throughout the day, knowing that every 30 minutes, all the missionaries in France and many of the members in France and throughout the world, were taking a moment to pray for us.  The power of prayer is amazing!  I wanted to thank everyone for their love and effort to help us here in the mission field, I really honestly felt your prayers!  This week has also had some other adventures, including having a birthday party for Soeur Soares, who lives in our Apartment (her dad is a member of the 70).  And since she loves escargot, guess what we bought?  And guess what I ate?  Yep!  Escargot!  Turns out, you can make anything delicious if you cover it with enough butter and garlic...even snail.  

Today Soeur Thibault and I managed to take a small trip to the Tour d'Eiffel for a few minutes, so you can look forward to those pictures next week.  This week is transfer week, so last Saturday we got the email with the information as to where everyone was going.  Soeur Thibault and I are staying put.  Our best friends (The Nogent Elders), however, are not.  Our dearest Elder Horton is going to St. Omer, where he will most likely die, and Elder Garcia is going to train here, in Spanish!  He's as giddy as all get-out.  One thing that bummed me out was learning that they're putting Elders back in Quimper.  I count myself lucky to have been there 3 out of the 4 transfers that sisters were there.  I would love for sisters to still be there, but Elder Horton (who also had served in Quimper previously) pointed out something to me.  The Branche in Quimper really needs the priesthood.  I know he's right.  My Zone Leader here in Nogent is going to go out to Quimper next transfer- I told him he doesn't know how lucky he is.  

Another funny story-  One of the first missionaries that I met out here in the field was Elder Beckstrand, who was serving in Brest.  But he is now my district leader here in the Paris-Est Zone.  He just found out he's is also going to be training next transfer.  As I was talking to him, I asked if he was excited, to which he replied, "Yeah, I'm excited, no pressure.  It's not like I'm supposed to teach him how to be a successfull missionary and his entire mission salvation rests on my shoulders.  If that was the case, I might be a little stressed."  It made me chuckle.  Well, I've got to go, but I hope you all have a great week and continue to appreciate all the little miracles that the Lord gives each of us every day.  The work is really progressing here!
 I love you!
          Soeur Bracken

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