Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zone Conference, Zeal, and Madame Zozo

Hello everyone!
This may be a somewhat shorter email, because I don't have a ton of time, but I thought I'd make it up by sending a picture of my massive District.  The members are, from left to right- Soeur McGhie (whom I absolutely love and would be content to live with at BYU afterwards, or if we never get married, I could live with her just forever), Soeur Tollefson (who sings like an angel and is so incredibly sweet and kind, and also jumped out and scared the living daylights out of me the other day).  They live with us and serve in Torcy, which is right next to our area.  Behind them is Elder Burningham, who is definitely the quiet one in the District.  But he's so sincere in his desire to serve, he is serving in Meaux with Elder Hill. Elder Bequette is standing next to Elder Burningham/ Soeur Tollefson.  He is one of our Zone Leaders, and is serving in Torcy (he was in Quimper right before I kicked him out).  Next to him is Elder Garcia, whom I know all too well, seeing as this is our third transfer in Nogent together.  But he makes me laugh, so I don't mind.  Then we have the head of the household, the District Leader, Elder Hill (yellow tie), who is pretty much my favorite.  He gave me a blessing the other day... I cried).  He is serving in Meaux with Elder Burningham.  Soeur Wynn is standing in front of Elder Hill.  She's just the best.  She keeps me going and absolutely loves her mission.  Between her and I is Elder Perez, our other Nogent Elder.  I love Elder Perez, and his zest for the mission, not to mention he helps me with my grammar.  And then there is me, the one and only Soeur Bracken.  In the front is the funniest member of the District, our other Zone Leader, Elder Glover, who is in Torcy.  They are all such champs, and of course, our District meetings/lunches are always the best.  
Zone Conference was this week.  It was great.  I had a much needed interview with President and Soeur Poznanski. They gave me some good advice, and helped me figure out how to be a better trainer and all-around better missionary.  One of the things I'd been struggling with was my desire to do the work.  But after my interviews with them and a blessing from my District Leader, it's been a lot better.  I feel like I've refound my desire to talk to people, which has been wonderful.  It's especially been nice for Soeur Wynn, who'd had to deal with a lame companion for a few days.  
We've had a lot of great moments this week, like finding out that Souleyman has been keeping ALL of his engagements, and also, a member, Mamie, who gave us a referral.  Her neighbors name is Madame Zozo.  I am SO excited to teach her, partially just because her name is Mme Zozo.  Our amie, Kashmira came to church yesterday, which was AWESOME.  She was finally able to, because of vacation.  She really liked it.  The Elders were also willing to help her move for 4 hours on Saturday night.  Love those Elders.  We've been super blessed this week, and I love it.  We're going to really try to focus on living up to our potential this week, knowing that we'll see miracles everystep of the way.  I love you all, continue on in the work!
   Have a great week!
           Soeur Bracken

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