Monday, June 17, 2013

We fixed a baptimal date!

Dear all,
Sorry, I don't have a lot of time, but I just wanted to tell you guys the awesome week that Soeur Wynn and I had.  We have been trying to work really hard, but sometimes it's hard to see the résultats (results) immediately.  It was also a little hard, knowing that my time here in Nogent is winding down (I have about 8 days left here, can you believe I've already been in this blessed ward for 5 months now?), but we finally saw one of the wonderful fruits of our efforts last friday when we visited Soeur André, and her 10 year old daughter, Stéphanie.  Stéphanie wants to get baptized, but her mom wanted her to have the lessons first, and it's kind of hard, because they can't come to church every week.  But we taught them again on friday, and set a date with her!  They're going out of the country for 6 weeks in the summer, so unfortunately, the baptism won't be until the 25 of August, but we're just so excited that Stéphanie can start working towards this date!  She has promised us that she will read the Book of Mormon everyday.  We also had a similar story with Godwith Adamson.  Her mom and dad are SO great, but unfortunately (for us) they are going to Ghana this summer, so Godwith will have to wait until after they return, probably in August also. But we had SUCH an amazing lesson with them yesterday, about tithing.  Frère Adamson, Godwith, and her younger siblings came to church yesterday, and we talked about tithing there also, so I knew it was fresh on Frère Adamson's mind, so when we went last evening, we showed the kids the importance of paying tithing, and Godwith said she would do it after she is baptized.  Frère Adamson testified of the blessings of tithing, but the best part came from Soeur Adamson, who has to work on Sundays, so she can't come to church.  She testified of how much better her life goes when she pays her tithing, but then admitted that it had been a while since she'd paid it.  But now she's going to again!  We so thankful for this beautiful family.  I'll try to get a picture with them this week.  We also had a conference with an incredibly awesome man, maybe you've heard of him, his name is Melvin. But usually I just call him M.  As is Elder M. Russell Ballard!  Such a good conferece, I was particularly touched by the talk given by our own frenchman, Elder/Bishop Caussé, from the presiding bishopric, who testified that, even with all the new missionaries coming to France, there are still not enough missionaries to teach 'all the elect of France'.  There ARE people here to teach, we just need to find them, and they need to find us!  Love you all, and have a great week!  Life is hard, but so rewarding.  
           Love you,
               Soeur Bracken

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