Monday, October 28, 2013

Well...they say good things can't last.

Well friends, it's that time of transfer again, the time when all the missionaries run to the computer like little kids running to the Christmas Tree on Sunday morning.  It's transfer time!  Some things are now official.  I will be finishing my mission here in Bruxelles.  But, sadly, my companion will not be Soeur Mataalii, like we had hoped.  A sister, Soeur Holmes, will be my companion.  I'm excited to meet her, but of course, Soeur Mataalii and I are super sad to part ways.  I love her so much.  This has been one of the best transfers of my mission, and Soeur Mataalii and I have had a lot of laughs, haha, hence one of the reasons we knew that we wouldn't be able to stay together for two transfers.  Like they say, Good things can't last (except eternal families and happiness :) ).  In other news, Soeur Mataalii and I have had an awesome week.  All sign's are go for Maria's baptism this weekend.  Her husband, Filipe, sadly, has postponed his date.  He simply doesn't think he's ready yet.  We talked about faith, and yet neither of us seemed to feel pushed to get him to recommit to Friday.  But I have faith he's going to follow in the steps of his wife, and our Savoir.  Also, here is another miracle, but... it's in french.  So go ahead and use Google Translate if you wish. :) :) Nous avons reçu une coordonnée cette semaine, une femme s'appelle Marie-Pierre. On s'est rencontré, et nous avons trouvé qu'elle est super! Elle a 25 ans, mais quand elle avait 16 ans, elle a habité aux Etats-Unis pour un an avec la famille de son père, qui sont les membres de l'église! Sa mère lui a conseillé de faire son propre recherche à propos de l'église avant elle décide de se faire baptisée. Donc, voila. Nous avons eu notre premières leçons, y compris une leçon avec les membres. Et hier, elle est allée au coin de feu avec les JA, sans nous! J'étais TROP contente! Cette semaine, nous allons avoir une Soirée Familiale avec Marie et une famille dans la paroisse.  Elle est incroyable.
   Soeur Mataalii is going to Torcy, so she'll be living in the same apartment as I did when I was at Nogent.  Hope you all have a great week!  I love you!
            Soeur Bracken

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