Monday, November 4, 2013

No one like dull weeks.

Well, bonjour tout le monde!  We've had a crazy week here in the Bruxelles 2 ward.  First and foremost, and dear MARIA was baptized, YES!  Best line of the evening- the moment she comes up from the water, she says "Wow, I felt something.  I'll tell you about it later!"  Then when she was out and changed, she said, "When Gustavo said 'In the name of Jesus...' I just had this incredible feeling, like feeling like Jesus when HE was baptized!"  I love her so much.  We're going to try to fix a date with Filipe for the beginning of December.  Secondly,  Soeur Mataalii has left, and is now in Torcy, and now I am with Sr. Holmes, from Provo.  She is legit, and so far it's been great.  We've made some goals and the transfer is already off to an awesome start!  Tonight, we're going to fix a date with Marie-Pierre, our golden amie.  The only bummer is that she's leaving on Saturday to go to Chicago for 10 days.  The silver lining?  She's going to Chicago to visit members of her dad's family that are MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH!  Boom!  
  Also, random bit of information that some of you might like to hear... So, I'm staying until January.  Yep, it's official!  BYU will just have to wait until the end of April for me.  I just kept having the feelings that I should stay, so, I'm staying.  This will be sad for some reasons (like living with you, Sr. McGhie, or not being able to see you before you leave, Melanie), but I believe it's for the best.  
   Awesome lesson on perseverence that we had yesterday, whilst going door to door.  We were wet, tired, and hungry, and had just finished one side of the street with little success.  We debated going home to eat dinner, but decided to pray.  So we did.  Then, honestly a little bit against our will, we decided to keep knocking on some doors.  And wouldn't you know it?  The VERY next door that we knocked on let us in.  We met the family, and husband said he'd already met the elders and was SUPER excited to fix a RDV with us.  Donc, voilà, you just need to keep going!
 I love you all, have a wonderful week!

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