Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thinkin' I got called to the wrong language....

Feliz Natal!  Oh, in case you didn't know, I got transfered from the France Paris Mission to the Brazil Bresilia Mission, or... at least it feels like it.  Haha, so much Portuguese!  C'est incroyable!  For the past couple of weeks, we had been trying to hard to have a FHE with Maria/Filipe and Brother and Sister Queiroz, who are from Brazil.  We FINALLY succeeded in having the FHE at the Queiroz's house.  Unfortunately, Fililpe wasn't able to come, but Maria came with her mom and son, and absolutely LOVED it.  She and Soeur Queiroz are both young moms, and got along splendidly.  The next night was a Christmas party at a member's house, and Maria and Filipe came together!  It was wonderful.  We drove down with them and Gustavo, and they just loved it.  They are getting incorporated into the ward! Hooray!  We also brought out amie, Suzette, haha, which was last minute... Oh, that was hectic.  But, she made some friends at the party.  The Spanish equipe has an amie that they've been working with for a while, and she has finally decided to get baptized, and she just went over and befriended Suzette, and it was wonderful!
   So, between the Brazilian FHE, and eating at a Dominican Republic member's house on Christmas Eve,  teaching a new Polish amie, visiting the mother of a member who hails from Mexico, and other similar experiences, all I've got to say is, "Welkom bij Brussel" (Dutch).  Haha, I don't know if I spelled it right, but that language gets thrown in there every once in a while also.  Christmas Eve was fantastic- We sang at Grand-Place, which was an amazing experience.  We spent Christmas Day sleeping in, then we went over to the Wright's for lunch.  And, of course, Skyping with my family was absolutely wonderful.  We had a wonderful experience this weekend also.  We FINALLY succeeded in having Maria (Filipe wasn't able to come) and her mom and son come over to the Famille Queiroz (an awesome family in the ward).  Maria ablsolutely LOVED it.  The next night, at a Christmas party at a member's house, Maria and Soeur Queiroz talked for so long!  They are already planning another evening together next weekend (haha, and yes, we also got invited).  Yay for family integration!  It made me so happy.  We also had another amie, Suzette, who came, and also made friends.  We were so blessed!  Well, I wish you all a bonne année 2014!  My year in Europe, 2013, has been one for the books!
        Avec amour,
               Soeur Bracken

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