Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clothes and Squirrels

A week after Lexi arrived in the MTC she wrote to say she must have been the only Sister missionary who did not get the memo that 6-8 outfits really meant 10-12. Hence, would I please buy her more clothes?
(Sigh. A mothers work is never done. :) )  Tacy, Julie, Stephanie and I met up at Fashion Place Mall to do what we could. Not to be boastful...but we are excellent shoppers with excellent taste. Two days later Lexi recieved a mini-Christmas of sorts with some new clothes. She seems pleased.
In practicing her French, Lexi was ask by a fellow Elder, "What are you doing?" Her response (or so she thought) was "I am going to the park to feed the squirrels". The Elder exclaimed "What?". What she had actually said was " I am going to the park to eat squirrels".
Two more weeks and Lexi leaves for France. We think around the 10th of Sept.

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