Saturday, August 4, 2012

#2 Ashamed or Proud?

Lexi is in a threesome. Soeur(Sister) Jensen has had a tough time. In fact she developed an upper respiratory infection which is now pneumonia. Lexi and Soeur Mataalii took Soeur Jensen to the Doctor. They went with a group of Elders. When they enter the Dr's waiting room the Olympics were on the TV. In Lexi's words
"One of the more pure Elders stated he was torn between not watching TV or watching the Olympics. I promptly replied, "I don't know about you, but I'm sitting in a waiting room, my companion is sick and the Olympics are on. I'm watching the Olympics."
Lexi mentioned she still wasn't sure if she should be ashamed or proud.
However their favorite line while watching the Olympics, "The cyclists are down to their last 25 miles".
Lexi loves the food. And, loves the gym time. However with Soeur Jensen sick...they have been rotating so someone is with her.
Lexi has become great friends with Soeurs Miller and Stapley (from Texas and Smithfield respectively). They found out there are only 10 sisters missionaries in the France-Paris mission. They are excited as they know they will be likely be serving with each other in the coming months.

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