Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Elders...

There are seven Elders in Lexi's MTC district.  Elder Lopez is from Orem. Elder Smith from Provo. Elder Ritchie hails from Michigan. Elders Fronk and Lanning from California. Elder Mortenson from Oregon and Elder Brinkman from Riverton. Lexi has bonded with these guys the last 5 weeks over a variety of things.....mostly laughing. However, there is also common interests in skiing/snowboarding, Brian Regan, a love of going to the Dentist office, lima beans, peas, and spinach. Most of them are going to Africa to serve. Lexi is happy as many of them will be going to BYU when they they hope to run into each other again in the future.
Sister Jensen is on the mend, thankfully. Also, Lexi has come to the conclusion that as long as she can say 'toilette' and 'baguette' she will be fine in France.

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