Friday, October 12, 2012

Florence, Felines and a Feeble French Conference...oh and slugs too.

Lexi was excited for conference this past weekend....however she did not get as much out of it as she might have was in FRENCH.
 From Lexi; " 6 months ago @ April Conference I posted on facebook that this was the last time I would be watching conference in English for a while. Several people replied that I would most assuredly watch it in English, but now we know I spoke the truth!"
They watched Conference at the church with a FEEBLE attendence. Most people can watch it in their homes on the internet. Lexi did however note that she rocked at listening to the songs.
This week Lexi and Sister Creager are on exchanges. Lexi will be a Sister McKay in Cholet, Wednesday and Thursday. ALSO...(drum roll here) they got their car. It is a Chevy Cruze. Lexi will be driving everywhere because foreign drivers license are only valid for a year and Soeur Creager has hit that mark. She is freaked out because the roads are skinny and many are just one you have to make sure no one is coming towards you before you head down the street. The entrance to the parking lot is 6 feet wide. Lexi holds her breath and Sister Creager says "Think skinny".
One night last week after parking the car they met FLORENCE. "She is kind and sweet and says we can come visit her". Yea. Also, they are working with Claudine who has 9 FELINES. That's right 9 cats. Souer Creager is allergic to cats. Hmmmm.
Last but not least.....from Lexi,"The slugs here are crazy! They are like 4 inches long and orange! Seriously, look them up on line!"

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