Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"The District"

Our own Sister Bracken had her first District Meeting. There are 8 Elders in the District. Any of these names sound familar?...Elders: Hatch, Liao, Beckstrand, Ensign, Burgess and Dickson. Apparently the other 2 don't count...she didn't mention their names.
Friends, I thought Lexi might be a bit down and frustrated this week...but surprise, surprise...she sounds pretty happy. A bit of stress in teaching a combined Relief Society/Priesthood lesson (and a Sunday School class too), but doing well. Perhaps it was because she visited her first Creperie. She says it was delicious!
And just to prove that it is a small world, the server at the Creperie had been to Utah. (Arches and Moab).
Lexi has not been to Arches and Moab. Also, a missionary who had previously served in the area came back to visit and is friends with a guy from Lexi's ward in Provo. His name is/was Elder Jeter.
I am looking (on behalf of Lexi) for successful ways to introduce yourself, or the Gospel to strangers. I know there are returned missionaries out there reading this blog. Got any great ideas for me to pass along?Of course, I gave her my brilliant plan.......but alas...as a general rule she rejects her mother's ideas.
Until next week.

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