Monday, October 29, 2012

Where did that car go?

I will just share a quick, interesting, expensive story.  This past week was the last week that we had the car, we were needing to give the car back to the Elders in Lorient, so we had planned lots of visits to members and. Well on Tuesday after district meeting we went home to do our companion study and then we quickly left the appartment for a lesson we had. We had to use the car so we walked over to the place just behind the train station where we normally park the car. As we were rounding the corner, I said, "This street looks so bare with out any cars parked on the side of the road." The wheels started turing in my head and I thought to myself, 'I really hope that we parked the car farther down the road because if not I dont think our car is here!" We kept walking down the road and my heart started beating faster and faster the farther we walked down the street. We realized that are car was NOT where we had parked it the night before. I quickly looked around and saw a sign that said,"NO PARKING ON TUESDAY-SPORTING EVENT: ALL CARS WILL BE TOWED!" Our car had been towed....we called the only person we could think of and that is Soeur Creager's buddy Elder Quinn in the office. After giving us some great advice, ie "Soeur Creager, calm down and call a member."  So we called Sandrine- our go to girl. She called the police and the police gave her all the information for us so that we could get our car back. The Quimper police had hired a private towing company who now had our car and we needed to get all of the information for the car out of the car and bring it to the police station so they could give us the right to go back and get our car from the company and then we had to pay the towing company... 119€ to get it. What an awful situation. We changed our plans for the night and Sandrine took us to the place that had our car. Of course it was closed and had really scary guard dogs. (thought that needed to be added).We finished our night outside trying to contact and talk to people but my stomach was in knots. The next morning we quickly took the bus up to the towing company to get all of the car information out of the car so we could go to the police station. Luckily, the people at the towing place were really nice and helpful.. and turns out that the dogs are really kind too, just as long as you are not alone with them.. that's another story for another time. Anywho, when we got all of the information out of the car we started to head back to the bus stop to catch another bus, when all of the sudden the tow man says, "Oh! Im going back into town to pick up another car! Ill take you too the police station! Hop in the truck." The first thought that came into my mind was 'this stupid truck towed our car!' And then the next thought that came into my mind was,"We cant do this! It's man! Totally against mission rules." We tried telling him that it was really ok, and that we could just take the bus but he was really insisitent (not in a creepy way, just a really kind and wanting to help way). So we got in... I repented later I promise. Turns out that he, Antoine, was the owner of the towing company. He is married and has a cute little young family. He had lots of questions about why we were in Quimper and once he found out we were 'mormons' he had even more questions. Good questions thought!  It was a fantastic missionary opportunity. By the time we got around to talking about the Book of Mormon we were at the Police Station. So we quickly got out of the tow truck and headed inside to get the papers we needed. Afterwards, we stopped back at the appartment to get a Book of Mormon and a family proclamation for him and his family. We went back to the bus stop to catch the next bus back up, when all of the sudden we see Antoine coming up the road with a huge line of cars behind him. We waved hello and he just stopped in the middle of the road and yelled at us to get back into the truck! haha. We quickly jumped inside and road back up with him to get the car. We had another great gosple converstation on the way back up and he was so interested! We gave him the things we had prepared for him and then told him thank you for all he had done to help us. We went inside the secretary's office to pay the towing charges and then went to get our car. The best part of the story is that when we got home our phone buzzed telling us that we had received a new message. It was from Antoine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The text said, "merci pour le livre, je le lirai avec la plus grand attention. Antoine le dépanneur" direct translation "thank you for the book. I will read it with great attention. Antoine the tow man". hahaha best story EVER!!
    It was just such an odd turn of events.  Soeur Creager and I decided after that we really had no justification for riding with him, since it's against a rule, so we decided we'd be more careful, but still, a pretty great story, right?   I believe Antoine holds the record as being the most expensive potential investigator I'll probably ever have. 

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