Sunday, September 2, 2012


Here is the latest from Sister Bracken:

Lexi's best friend in the MTC is Sister Hermana Smith who entered the MTC the same day as Lexi.

Lexi on the airplane ride to San Fransico with Soeur Mataalii.

Elder Dalmer (Oregon) Elder Rigby (Sandy) and Elder Kendall (Texas) are all going to Paris as well. 

The next few pictures are from Lexi's adventures in San Fransisco.  Soeur Miller (Texas) is the girl with the dark hair next to the all silver man on the pier. While in San Fran, they ate at Boudin's where Lexi tried on the crab hat, naturally... Soeur Stapley (Smithfield) is with Lexi and the captain. While at the airport, Lexi ran into her friend Lindsey Sterling. Lindsey had just finished filming another music video. "She is a wicked awesome violinist, seriously- look her up."

Here are some pictures of her district.
Back Row: 
Elder Lopez (red tie, Orem)
Elder Smith (black tie, Provo) (They are companions and played soccer together growing up... just a little side note.) 
Elder Brinkman (Riverton, whistles like an angel and makes Lexi laugh frequently. He also took 3rd in state sewing while in high school.) 
Elder Lanning (Yellow tie, california, and apparently as a laugh as contagious has Lexi's... Lexi was concerned about sounding a bit prideful with that comment...)
Elder Mortenson (Orange tie, Oregon, always happy and quick to laugh.)
Bottom Row:
Elder Ritchie (light purple tie, Michigan, very funny, very smart, and plays football for SUU.)
Elder Frank (dark purple tie, Southern California, runds a mile in 4:10!)
S. Mataalii (Southern California)
S. Jensen (South Carolina)
With some other sisters...

Random Picures
The dog she is holding is named Lexi and was in the mailroom at the MTC so they let human Lexi hold dog Lexi.
 Lexi and her roommates, Sister Tesch (Liberty, curly blonde hair and white shirt) and Sister Jensen (Logan, blue skirt, brown hair), both Sister Tesch and Sister Jensen left to the Philippines a few weeks ago. Lexi's room got a new "solo" sister (only sister in her district so when she isn't with her district, she is with Lexi.) Solo sister's name is S. Kailipani (Hawaii, in the middle with blue/white shirt, going to Vanuatu by New Zealand.

S. Miller (Texas, blue shirt) and S. Stapley (Smithfield, white shirt) and random boxes. They (the sisters, not the boxes) are going to Paris with Lexi.

Some pictures with sisters in Lexi's zone before most of them left. One of of her favorite sisters is S. Weller from Kamas. She was in the MTC 12 weeks because she had to learn French and Tahitian. (I don't know which one S. Weller is... sorry!) Also a picture with S. Johnson (Perry!).


Here is Lexi with a Sister Allison Long. They were friends at Dixie! Sister Long left a couple weeks ago to Japan.

Some Elders were photo bombing the picture, so they invited them to be in the actual picture. "Best. Decision. Ever."

And of course, a few pictures with Elder Sullivan. Sometimes they remembered the "no pictures with just one sister and elder" rule, and sometimes they didn't....

And now for a short story (in Lexi's words": Last Monday at 6:30 am the fire alarm went off. S. Mataalii had literally just started taking a shower. It was quite amusing to see her come back into the room with her lava-lava and saying "no. way. no no non no no no. Heck no." There was a little bit of smoke as she and I rand down the stairs but it was a false alarm. Turns out, a sister had burnt some popcorn and it had started to smoke. All I could say to myself after that was "Who in the world has the time, or desire, to have popcorn at 6:40 in the morning?!"

Lexi leaves the MTC on Monday, September 10th and is very excited!

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