Sunday, September 9, 2012


Friends, the time has come for Lexi to fly across the atlantic and find herself in France. Sept 10th, (sometime around 5 p.m.) she will board a plane along with her companions for the next chapter in her mission experience. Is she excited? Yes! Is she nervous? Yes! Does she still want more clothes? Yes!
Oddly, her opinion of the MTC has done a 180. Remember the words "This place is crazy". And "I hope the time goes by fast here". Well......
This from her last e-mail:  "I DON'T want to leave the MTC. I love it and I love my district and I LOVE my Zone, and just knowing that I'm not going to see so many of the Elders that are in my Zone and District(many are going to Montreal,Canada or Lyon, France) makes me sad. I am also going to miss the Sisters, although many of them are going to Paris with me.
And then she related this: "Soeur Mataalii and I thought about trying to run away and staying in America, but in the end I said, "Well, I guess we'll just have to move to France next week". "I then laughed, because it's not very often in life that someone gets to say that line. "I guess we'll just move to France next week".
Clearly, Lexi has made some lasting friendships during the last 8 weeks. Hopefully, we will get a chance to talk to her  prior to her boarding the plane. An update after that will be posted.

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