Monday, September 24, 2012

And now the work begins...

From Lexi's e-mail: " So the branch here is tiny, about 30 active members from Quimper and all the surrounding areas(about 40 miles). This has been a kind of "baptism by fire" experience, seeing as we are whitewashing the area, we really have no progessing investigators, it's starting to get cold, and soon I'll have to be driving a stick shift up and down the hills of Quimper".
An explanation here...... they pulled the Elders that were serving in this area out and sent in Sister Creager and  Lexi.  Lexi asks for special prayers that they will find people to teach.
She finds it hard to approach people... but has had some success.
On a different note, Lexi was talking to a Sister missionary from Brisbane,Australia. Lexi told her, her dad was elk hunting. She had no idea what an elk was. The Sister then ask Lexi if she knew what a wombat was. Lexi ask if it was like a racoon. She had no idea what a racoon was. According to Lexi it was all quite funny.
Lexi requests that letters and such be sent to her addresss in Quimper, not to the Mission home. The Mission home is approx. 5.5 hours whatever is sent to the Mission home she will not get for about 6 weeks.
Thanks to all who love and support and keep Sister Bracken in your prayers!

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