Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First e-mail from France

Folks, Soeur Bracken and company(13 in all) arrived Tues. Sept 11th in France. Seems they are increasing the volume of missionaries in the France, Paris Mission. We, as parents, are proud of her packing skills...she came in at 50 lbs. Good job, Lexi! They spent a day and a night at the mission home getting acquainted with President and Sister Poznanski; and had what to eat?..you might ask.... hamburgers and french fries in a restaurant that looked  like it belonged in Dallas, than Paris.
Wednesday, the trainers/companions arrive and off to their first location. Lexi is in Quimper, France (pronounced "Camp-eh"). Friends, she is very close to the ocean. She can wave to England. Of course, I had to immediately check the humidity. That would be 94%. Are you wondering how she will manage to stay warm this November and December? Me too. Lexi's anti-tights attitude may well be a thing of the past. She seems happy! Her companion is Sister Creager from Morgan/Mountain Green area. The apartment is across the street from the train station. The Branch is small, about 30 members.
Lexi did mention when she and Soeur Creager finally went to the store ...she managed to promptly pick out the hardest/worst baguette in the store. Love you, Lexi!

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