Monday, November 5, 2012

I think I've memorized the address of 12 Creperies

Hello everyone!
  Oh la la, what a week!  Last week we had our first District Meeting (and my first District Meeting where I was no longer the newest person).  Elder Price, a fantastic Elder whom I befriended in the MTC is now in my District.  My District Leader is Elder Gubbay.  That may not mean much to any of you, but to anyone in the mission, it's something.  Elder Gubbay has been one of the AP's for about the past six months.  He is going home at the end of this transfer, so our we think he wanted to go out with a bang, doing just normal everyday missionary stuff.  We're really excited.  Elder Gubby is also a mystery to everyone, his mom is from France (she's actually from Brest, here in Bretagne).  Rumor has it he was born in Australia.  He told us he was raised in Spain.  But we think his parents are currently living in Dubbai.  He has the same accent no matter what language he is speaking.  Needless to say, he is intriguing.  For Halloween I wore my orange shirt and brown skirt (I thought about wearing my black skirt, but thought it might be a little over the top as a missionary).
 Since Soeur Creager and I whitewashed Quimper, and she is going home at the end of this transfer, there is about a 99.5% chance that I will be here for Christmas.  In fact, Soeur Fauchi has already invited me (and whoever my companion will be) over for Christmas.  She said we will be having a 'Creole' Christmas, which makes sense since she is from Martinique (in the Carribean).  
 This week has been a week of miracles.  We actually had a mini-missionary stay with us (That is to say, she is a member of the church who wanted to have the mission experience for a few days so she could help decided if she wanted to serve a mission herself).  So from Tuesday to Friday, we had Soeur Calves as our third companion.  She was wonderful in all aspects of our mission.  She really helped us with our pronunciation of the language, and she gave great testimonies.  We, in turn, got to show her all the ins and outs of missionary life.  We also had some great lessons while she was with us.
 I think I have forgotten to tell you a few things.  One, ELDER ANDERSEN is coming to speak to our mission.  We are SO excited, of course.  That will be on the 16th.  On the 18th, he's speaking in a huge Conference in Angers, so hopefully we'll be going with our branch to listen to him again.  We are so excited and want to make sure we are spiritually prepared.  
     Tomorrow is Zone Conference, so we'll be going to Rennes.  I'm very excited.  Also, sometime this transfer I'll be doing Belgium legality, so I'll be getting together with my old friends from the MTC and heading to Belgium.
     Oh, also, I have to speak in church next week.  15 minutes in french!   Thank you so much for you love and support.                
      Soeur Bracken


  1. Hey can I get her current address?

  2. Sure McKell!
    Souer Lexi Bracken
    Les Missionarres
    17 bis Avenue de la Gare
    29000 Quimper