Monday, November 12, 2012

Elder Anderson is coming to Town

This time of year the anticipation of a certain someone coming to town in just a month or so gives rise to excitement, better behaving children, hopes of gifts under the tree, and possibly a "wonderful" surprise.
For missionaries, having a General Authority visit your Mission must be much the same.  The anticipation is tangible.  All are excited! Souer Bracken and Souer Creager are doing their best to be prepared to hear him . And like a gift, his presence and message will bring them happiness and inspire them to teach and contact better. Of course the "wonderful" surprise may be the results of that message as it is taken back into the field, and the effects it will generate.
Elder Neil Anderson is visiting the Paris, France Mission this coming Friday. This is a big deal! All missionaries will travel to Versailles for a massive conference and to listen to him speak.

Lexi's week is going to involve a bit of travel. First she and Sister Creager are going on Sister Exchanges mid-week with the Sister Missionaries in Rennes. Lexi and Sister Pymm from Idaho will travel back to Quimper for a couple of days. Sister Creager will be with Sister Rhondeau (who was in Lexi's BYU ward last year) in Rennes.  Then the 4 Sisters will meet up again in Rennes and travel to Versailles together.
Lexi ended her e-mail with something new...."Take Luck"
Am I the only one who has not heard this before??...


  1. You are right!
    That is what my daughter Stephanie told me this afternoon.

    1. And of course Lexi would naturally be quoting Brian Regan...