Monday, December 17, 2012

A nap would be nice for Christmas

Bonjour tous!
This has been a trying week.  I've been sick, and now Soeur Alves is having some ear-aches, so our performance has been a little sub-par.  On Thursday we passed by a lady named Delphine, and talked with her outside and had a prayer.  The next day, she called us with a referral!!!  We invited her to the Soirée de Noel, and she was planning on coming, but had to cancel at the last minute due to her husband not wanting her to come.  We still believe it was a miracle that she called us.  Another miracle is that Soeur Bourdon brought her family to church again (except the husband, who is not active), and they've invited us over to eat with them next week.  I feel like they might be the reason that I'm here in Quimper.  The Soirée with the Branche was wonderful, and the lights are beautiful here in Quimper.  Soeur Alves and I are excited to talk to our families on Christmas, and hopefully, if we pray hard enough, we'll be able to take a nap sometime on Christmas Eve or Christmas.  The work is still progressing slowly here, but as long as we can be led by the spirit each day, we know we're doing our part. 
   I was reading about repentance the other day, and was thinking about how repentance is really just another word for change.  Funny, huh?  Yes, there are other aspects that go into it, remorse, faith, and wonderful things like that, but really, all those things are just ways to help us change.  When we repent, we try to change the things we've done wrong and try to improve ourselves.  I don't know, I just thought it was interesting. 
                  Well, bonne semaine tout le monde!
                                         Soeur Bracken

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