Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Five month Mark

Lexi has a new Companion! Sister Alves.  (Lexi's dad says adjusting to new companions can be ....hmm....somewhat stressful).
And now from Lexi:
Soeur Alves is from Tahiti, from Papeete, she has 3 months left on her mission, which means she'll probably end here in Quimper (which means I'll probably leave in January).  Her parents are members, and she has a younger brother who should receive his call soon, and a sister who's about 9.  She's going to return here to France to study after her mission.  She's very very direct, which is cool.  She speaks english well enough, and helps me with my french.  However, she has lost her Tahitian accent, so that's too bad.  It's been very different this past week than what I've been used to, but I guess that's part of growing up and changing.  I really do believe we can have miracles this transfer if we work hard.  I'll try to send a picture next week.
 Yesterday, the Lucas family invited us to go to the coast with them the beginning of January.  I'm so excited!  They are one of my favorite families here.  Soeur Lucas just got back last week from spending 6 weeks in California with their daughter and her family who live there.
  This week's been a little hard, with so much change, but I'm hoping it will make me a better person. Today I was studying up on Faith, and it was just so amazing to read up on it again.  I read what it says in the Bible Dictionary, and really enjoyed it.  This life really really is all about Jesus Christ. I suggest reading it.  I love what it says about placing our confidence in the Lord without reservation.  Tomorrow we're teaching a woman named Amina.  Soeur Creager and I contacted her on the street last week.  I think she's the one.
                                                               Love da viken,
                                                               Soeur Bracken
(Da viken is breton for 'for always', it's not french.  Breton is the native language of Bretagne)

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