Thursday, December 27, 2012

The skype on Christmas Day

AT 11:45 (Utah time) on Christmas Day, the computer buzzed and several gasps were heard around the room. And then there Lexi was... smiling and saying hello to everyone. True...she might have struggled for a few moments to keep her emotions in check as she saw the whole family gathered around the computer to talk to her. However, she proved that she was strong and visited with almost everyone in the family personally. She looks great and seems happy.
Her Christmas day was a great one. She finally made it to the Coast to see the ocean. Although the Sister Missionaries live only 15 minutes or so away from the ocean, they have not had the chance to see it until Christmas. This was something Lexi had wanted for some time. Then back to the Lucas family's home for dinner.
As stated above she had a chance to visit with almost everyone. It was so great to hear her laughing with siblings, and she especially enjoyed when Jordan held up Chica (her dog) for an attempted visit. Though Chica could hear her voice..she just did not get the computer thing.
We speculated on what the next transfer would mean for her. We learned alittle of Sister Alves , her companion who is from Tahiti, and she told us how happy she was for the Christmas tree we sent for her apartment. We learned of her small branch(about 30 active members) there in Quimper. She loves the members, they are very good to the Sisters. She had received (and appreciated) all gifts and cards sent to her during the last few weeks. She STILL loves letters and cards..(hint, hint) and hopes they don't come to a end with the end of the Christmas Season. She thinks she will stay in Quimper until about the 3rd week of January. (Mail takes about 8/9 days to get to her).
She is trying to figure out how best to charge her new camera.  We hope she figures it out soon...we would like to see more pictures of the Quimper area. It was a good conversation.  It was hard to say good-bye and hang-up the connection
May is not so far away..right?

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